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Moment of Truth

Hello to the ones I love :-)

I always feel the bristle of "the moment of truth" going into the recording studio. Because whatever happens in there is what will be replayed, capturing those moments, that particular time I sang that song. That time I really longed to bring all of myself into it, that time, I bottled, to send it to you. When you hear the record, it will be of these moments, sitting here in a gentle summer in Berlin, with a heart unbelievably full of love. This year has been recklessly generous to me. But it will also be the privilege to share with you the philosophy over the last couple of years. You can expect to hear in this new album the swoon of my addiction to wild things, the longing for communion with nature, a few pained attempts at loving relationships and pleas for justice for my Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Compared to the last EP "The Colour of War," these songs are leaving me with a breath of hope.

At the start of this year I told myself not to write too many new songs until I had birthed this new album. And here it is, the time has come to take the dive and set these songs down and into recordings. I am beginning recording this week with a lovely man called Dirk in Berlin. After this, I am heading back to Argentina to capture some of the magic I found there.

And I am reminded of this, I only ever have myself to give. I am not Beyonce, or Adele, or Bjørk. No- I am very

And the only thing I have is the authenticity of myself to offer you.

And that freedom, that intimacy, that soul, that beating life-blood and that connection are my responsibilities.

As I commence recording this album, I am also launching my new website and a new way to continue journeying with me as an artist.

It is called Patreon. Patreon is an ongoing way to support the music you love by offering a few dollars every time a new song or video-clip is produced. You can set limits so you only ever contribute what you want. With each donation, there are rewards you will receive. I like very much this model as it allows me to intentionally focus on those that are coming with me on this journey, and to keep offering to you, the music, the listening and the gifts.

Here is the link where you can read more, I made a little video too, that was a bit hard, I am not so comfortable talking in front of the camera, but like anything, I'm sure I will get better at it with time.

If you would like to check out the new website, click on the link below. Photos are by Marieke Van Der Poort, if you are ever in Holland and need a photo-shoot let me know, her services are excellent!!

I am so thrilled to be able to bring these chapters of songs to fruition, to welcome to new songs that are bubbling up inside of me. Seasons are changing, it is beautiful to stay close to the process and remain authentic with the life that we have. Please, send me back your thoughts, your anecdotes, your inspirations, I so much want to hear and support you as well.

xx Hannaka

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