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“So many beautiful sonorities, from melodies embracing and finding tension, producing light-filled sounds. The deep parts of me found it all very familiar while my mind was in new territory”

– Rob Davidson, Composer
Origin: Brisbane, Australlia.
Travelling the world; modern day minstrel. Current location; Brisbane. 
Next stop; Port Douglas.

Hannaka is an Australian world music artist journeying with what is native, healing and life-giving, moving and powerful. Half caught in philosophy, half caught in the wind, Hannaka is a dreamer and conjurer of places that our souls rarely visit. Much travel, contemplation and study has crystallised in this soul the blessed wonder of existence. Hannaka shares this in soaring howls, hypnotic vocal layers and delicate instrumentation. Known for her ability to render authenticity between herself and her audiences, this is a rare bird that you have not seen the likes of before. Spellbound by the whispered teachings of land and sky, be entranced as she evokes your wild hearts. 

New Album


'To Eat The Sun' is a bloodline connection to landforms, bodies of water, life-giving photosynthesis and our uncanny and continued worship of the Sun told through the mystic voice of Australian artist Hannaka. Drawn from actual places on the east coast of Australia, Bundjalung and Gubbi Gubbi land, and explorations in the Amazon, "To Eat The Sun" weaves together mysticism and metaphor to bring to fresh readings of acts of wildness and acts of love. Like the way a waterfall provocatively invites us to jump from it, like the way the storms in our lives push our souls off in search. Hannaka shape shifts from feathery vocal coos to howling cries and ardent invocations. Comfortably conveying a world music edge, this album was originally tracked in Berlin, produced in Buenos Aires and mixed in Brisbane with influences from Indonesia to Africa. In the layers of this album's message is a defence of forests, wild places and animals and a declaration of solidarity with the innate wisdom of the earth in our revolutions around the sun. 


Ay-Ya-Ha is the first single release of Hannaka's forthcoming album, 'To Eat the Sun.' This long awaited track captures the sharp inhale we make before taking a plunge, hurling ourselves into new horizons, discovering the choices and the path that is right for us. We all make leaps of faith throughout our lives, we are all dared to really live at some point, we all jump off that waterfall. Hannaka wrote this song during a particular summer of searching out waterfalls, the exhilaration and freedom of making the leaps on the Sunshine coast of Australia. This song is her declaration of living in power, freedom and intention, honouring the process that it takes to get there.

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